Baseball Blast!

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Baseball Blast!
ConsoleNintendo Wii
Publisher2K Sports
DeveloperWayForward Technologies
ReleasedSeptember 24, 2009
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With over 20 different baseball-themed mini-games, such as Fly Ball Fury, Carni-ball, Power Pitcher, Bumper Base, Pennant Race, Galaxy Ball, and many more, Baseball Blast allows fans to fulfill their virtual diamond fantasies by smashing home runs that soar past planets, hitting cannonballs back at pirate ships, and even stealing bases on a baseball diamond inside the Rock prison. Players can rack up points to unlock trophies and new puzzles, and earn strategy cards to compete against their friends in a fun bonus game. A trivia mode is also available for fans to test their baseball knowledge, including over 100 questions that range from casual baseball knowledge to stumping even the hardcore baseball fanatics.

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