Bomberman Land

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Bomberman Land
ConsoleNintendo Wii
PublisherHudson Soft
DeveloperHudson Soft
ReleasedJanuary 30, 2008
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You can expect to find adventure, minigames, and multiplayer action.

Discover the mystery and a variety of addictive mini-games as you set off on a fun-filled theme park excursion across 5 distinct Zones. The original Bomberman Battle game is also included. Compete against up to four pals to determine the Bomberman king.

Main Characteristics

  • Fan of extreme sports? Try these 50 mini-games. Play the skateboarding minigame to test your skills. Are you a sci-fi fan? The Laser Ball game is worth a try. There are 50 distinct, captivating mini-games in all, so it has something for everyone.
  • Customization of Character – Create your own Bomberman character using
  • Fun-filled Adventure: Bomberman Land has been divided into pieces. Solve the puzzles, collect the pieces, and reassemble Bomberman Land to restore it.
  • Action in multiple players – Compete against up to four opponents in either the traditional Bomberman Game or all 50 mini-games.
  • Includes the original Bomberman Battle game! – All new maps and power-up goodies are included in the classic Bomberman Battle game. It doesn’t get any better for multiplayer strategy action than this!

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