Call of Duty: World at War

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Call of Duty: World at War
ConsoleNintendo Wii
ReleasedNovember 11, 2008
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With the introduction of cooperative play in Call of Duty: World at War, the phrase “No One Fights Alone” takes on new meaning. Wii also supports a special co-op mode for two players.

To foster stronger friendship and tactical execution, players will undertake terrifying single-player missions together for the first time. The co-op storyline adds ongoing replayability and team-based action by letting players gain experience points and rank up in competitive multiplayer to unlock benefits. If participants are online and playing Call of Duty: World at War, regardless of whether they are playing competitively or cooperatively, they will always accrue experience points. Call of Duty: World at War will scale dynamically to offer a greater difficulty level based on a player’s expertise rank and the rank of the gamer’s buddies.

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