Disaster: Day of Crisis

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Disaster: Day of Crisis
ConsoleNintendo Wii
DeveloperMonolith Soft
GenreAction , Adventure
ReleasedSeptember 25, 2008
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Disaster: Day of Crisis, a Wii survival game, lets you survive nature’s worst. A tragic chain of catastrophes has hit the US in a short time, testing your survival instincts.

Ride chaos.

In this chaos, a rogue special forces unit steals a nuclear weapon. This plot twist mirrors reality’s unpredictable danger, increasing the game’s tension. Ray, a former rescue task force member, must fight this threat and win against the odds.


Cutting-edge physics and immersive visuals make Disaster: Day of Crisis terrifying. The game’s innovative design forces players to escape pyroclastic flows, dodge crumbling buildings during an earthquake and swim through a raging flood.


The game’s pyroclastic flow escape sequence is thrilling. This event showcases the game’s groundbreaking physics and graphics, and its primal fear is unmatched. Imagine the clock, mountain, lava, and you. It’s a race that keeps you gripping your Wii remote.

Earthquake survival

You must avoid falling buildings during an earthquake in another exciting game scenario. This challenge depicts earthquake chaos and destruction horribly. This scenario tests players’ nerves and judgment, making every step a defiance of Mother Nature.

Against the raging flood

Swimming through a violent flood is another survival issue. Swim or die in the water. The game’s realistic disaster scenarios are evident in the flood’s surge and the fight against it. The game’s spirit of tenacity and resilience is embodied in such a crisis’s intense battle for survival.

Disaster: Day of Crisis captures the first human experience, a fascinating mix of dread and adrenaline. It’s advanced mechanics and realistic visuals create a thrilling survival narrative that leaves players breathless and wanting more. Prepare for the disaster—will you survive?

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