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ConsoleNintendo Wii
GenreAction, Platform
ReleasedMay 5, 2009
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This vibrant update to Klonoa’s first adventure features improved graphics, motion control, and many hidden secrets. Klonoa, one of the best platform games of the last decade, returns to the Wii with a gripping story, thrilling stages, and addictive gameplay.


Klonoa, our floppy-eared hero, returns to save Phantomile, a land based on its residents’ dreams and under attack by a mysterious evil force. Klonoa bravely fights to save his friends and homeland across several kingdoms.

Wind bullet use

Hewpoe, a friendly spirit in Klonoa’s ring, helps him use the Wind Bullet throughout his quest. Klonoa can use his enemies as tools by grabbing and inflating them. This mechanic adds a fun twist to platformer gameplay.

Levels and characters

Klonoa stands out for its charming characters and complex environments. The game’s cute, quirky characters and gorgeous worlds are irresistible. This creates a captivating atmosphere that matches the game.


The game has 14 levels full of enemies to defeat. Reverse Mode and Wii-exclusive bonus stages are added. The icing? Klonoa lets players use the Wii RemoteTM and Nunchuk, Wii Remote only, Classic Controller, or GameCubeTM controller.

Using the Wii’s motion-sensors

The game’s innovative use of Wii motion-sensing is a draw. Klonoa can use the Wind Bullet to capture and throw enemies with a Wii Remote swing. A Nunchuk shake creates a whirlwind that slows approaching enemies. Klonoa can also use captured enemies to break barriers, reveal hidden items, or defeat enemies with a Wii Remote move. Klonoa’s ability to double jump using opponents adds strategy and fun.

In conclusion, Klonoa is a fun and beautiful game with innovative and varied gameplay, captivating character and level design, and many controller options. Join Klonoa on his thrilling rescue of Phantomile!

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