Let’s Play Garden

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Let's Play Garden
ConsoleNintendo Wii
PublisherDeep Silver
DeveloperZigZag Island
GenreLife Simulation
ReleasedMay 25, 2010
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Plant lovers will get to try their hand at raising virtual flowers, vegetables and fruits with Let’s Play Garden. Let’s Play Garden mini-games range from slinging tomatoes to chilly snowball fights depending on the season. As players complete the entertaining mini-games at various levels of difficulty, aspiring gardeners receive cards which reveal new areas in the garden and enhance their little green house. Nintendo DS players will enjoy the fun variety of tasks in single-player mode, and learn useful facts about plants by collecting cards. Gardeners on Wii can either master the challenges independently and fill their gardens with the rewards, or invite a friend to take part in a water bomb fight and other enjoyable mini-games.

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