Mario Strikers Charged

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Mario Strikers Charged
ConsoleNintendo Wii
DeveloperInc., Next Level Games
ReleasedJuly 30, 2007
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Featuring an innovative blend of unique features, “Mario Strikers Charged” returns to the virtual stage, exciting the pitch. This Wii exclusive, the worthy sequel to “Mario Smash Football,” promises a fantastic mix of skill, strategy, and sheer fun.


Mastering the Wii Remote and Nunchuk Controller

Harness the power of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk Controller, the magical wands of this enchanting realm. The wizardry of these tools is a key to winning ball possession, launching unstoppable goals, and assuming the coveted role of goalkeeper. Save the day with epic saves, and let the crowd cheer your name.


An Ensemble Cast featuring Nintendo’s Finest

Joining Mario on the pitch are several recognizable faces from Nintendo’s illustrious roster, each embracing the mantle of captain. Players craft their dream team from a pool of famous teammates. With the right mix of players, you’ll wield the power to carve a path to victory in this thrilling game’s many modes.


Navigating Through the Game

In “Mario Strikers Charged,” players build their squad by selecting one of 12 captains and pairing them with three out of eight sidekicks. The game’s ethos is straightforward: anything goes. Players leverage special abilities to seize critical moments and secure goals, bringing a unique blend of tactics and strategy to every match.


The Power of Super Abilities and Mega Strikes

Each captain brings their distinct abilities to the field in a world of vivid super skills. Among these are the power-packed unique shots, dubbed “Mega Strikes,” where the metallic ball fragments into five, each soaring toward the goal. The defending player must exhibit swift reflexes, using the Wii Remote to aim, target, and intercept these projectiles mid-flight. Players can even charge the metal ball with energy, improving the chances of hitting the mark when unleashed toward the goal.


Unpredictable Stadiums Influencing Gameplay

The arenas in our favorite game are more than mere pitches. Each “Mario Strikers Charged” stadium features distinct traits and gadgets, influencing the game’s dynamics. Knowing these unique characteristics can tip the scales in your favor, leading to utter pitch domination.


Global Multiplayer Madness

Embrace the thrill of the competition as the game not only hosts an adrenaline-fueled multiplayer mode but also supports the Nintendo WiFi connection service. This opens up opportunities to participate in worldwide tournaments, pitting your skills against players across the globe. So buckle up because “Mario Strikers Charged” offers an international stage to demonstrate your skills, one goal at a time.

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