Maximum Racing: Drag & Stock Racer

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Maximum Racing: Drag & Stock Racer
ConsoleNintendo Wii
DeveloperNordic Games Publishing
ReleasedMarch 14, 2011
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With up to 16 stock cars racing for the finish line, see the bodywork fly and cars spin out in outrageous high-octane crashes! Drag & Stock Racer puts you on the fast track to an insane, heart-pounding thrill ride! You’ll tear up the asphalt in the fastest and craziest vehicles known to man, and pound your way through multiple game modes such as Shoot Out, Big Ramp, Stunt Arena, and more! Features single player or head-to-head racing, championships, trophies, bonus modes, and a host of unlockable extras! So, fire up your engines. This is one trip you won’t forget!

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