Mind. Body. Soul.: Nutrition Matters

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Mind. Body. Soul.: Nutrition Matters
ConsoleNintendo Wii
Publisher505 Games Srl
DeveloperDevil’s Details
GenreLife Simulation
ReleasedJune 4, 2009
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Nutrition Matters is perfect if you’re looking for a fun way to maintain a healthy balance between diet and exercise in the comfort of your living room. Use your Wii as your personal nutrition monitor to easily track your calories and measure them against daily activities in order to reach your personal fitness goals.


  • Balance calories in against calories out
  • Allows the player to analyse nutritional information: Calorie count, Fat content, Carbohydrates and Proteins.
  • Build a history and projection of what a person or family is eating (up to 4 avatars can be created)
  • Avatars will change over time according to your weight fluctuations
  • Plan and analyse a menu for dinner parties and events
  • Use Wii balance board as scales
  • Create an avatar and enter your diet and training routine to monitor your health and weight over time.
  • Developed under guidance from a professional nutritionist.
  • Thousands of meal variations using the meal manager system
  • Calculate your Body Mass Index

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