Mini Ninjas

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Mini Ninjas
ConsoleNintendo Wii
DeveloperIO Interactive
GenreAction, Adventure
ReleasedSeptember 8, 2009
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An ancient samurai leader has resurfaced from the shadows in the enigmatic world of “Mini Ninjas,” raising a demonic army with a plan to take over the planet. Instead of enlisting the usual untrustworthy minions, he has a new trick: transforming innocent animals into mighty warriors. Nature has been thrown into disorder due to the metamorphosis, creating storms and earthquakes, and it’s up to a wise ninja master to save the day. After losing his greatest students, only the youthful and skilled ninja Hiro and his brutal sidekick Futo remain to complete the goal. Players take control of these characters, leading them through various situations to restore equilibrium, using a third-person perspective and some space for exploration. When they get lost, a little meditation will help them find their way.


As the game progresses, players find themselves in the shoes of many warriors, each with unique powers. Hiro, the talented ninja, is the only one who can cast mystical Kuji spells. Praying at hidden shrines unlocks these spells, which range from fireballs to spirit forms that command animals. Futo’s giant hammer, Suzume’s lovely flute, Shun’s bow dexterity, Tora’s convincing metal tiger claws, and Kunoichi’s acrobatic spear talents round out the cast. These characters are gradually unlocked, each giving a distinct flavor to the game.


The transformation of animals into warriors is essential in the game, yet these creatures are not entirely lost to the dark side. They revert to their former form after killing foes, escaping from their cages, and adding an unexpected “aww” moment to the quest. Not to mention the amusing magic that allows Hiro to control animals in battle; it’s a zoo with a difference!


If you’ve ever wanted to be a ninja, “Mini Ninjas” is the game for you. It’s a gymnastics exhibition with ninjutsu involving wall jumping, sprinting along walls, and hanging from ledges! In addition, each character includes a stealth mode that allows players to blend in with the environment. This ability is ideal for the inner stealth artist in everyone, whether dealing damage or escaping a conflict.


Players can explore their surroundings in search of numerous collectible goods. These can then be used to create potions, bombs, and power-ups. It’s a mash-up of culinary skills and alchemy amid a vast adventure. Do you dislike eating your fruits plain? Make a health potion out of them. It’s the way of the ninja!


Finally, the characters in “Mini Ninjas” do more than swing swords and throw shurikens. They evolve, level up, and learn new talents, each with a distinct focal attack that deals greater damage. It’s personal growth with a side of butt-kicking. The fundamental attacks, stuns, and blocks are all there, but advancement and specialized emphasis truly distinguish a character.

Finally, “Mini Ninjas” for the Wii is a fantastic blend of action, adventure, and creativity wrapped in a humorous and intriguing plot. The game combines humor and excitement with a broad cast of characters, distinct powers, and a beautiful connection to nature, making it a beloved favorite for many players.

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