Need for Speed: Nitro

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Need for Speed: Nitro
ConsoleNintendo Wii
PublisherElectronic Arts
DeveloperEA Montreal
ReleasedNovember 3, 2009
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“Need for Speed: NITRO” by EA Montreal appeals to Wii players of all skill levels. The game’s depth captivates arcade racing fans. Need for Speed showcases the studio’s creativity and innovation.

Zero to Hero:

This game is approachable. “Need for Speed: NITRO” can hook new and experienced gamers. You’re immediately immersed in the action, testing your pedal-to-the-metal attitude. The balanced learning curve challenges players of all abilities.

Strategy: Accelerate

As you fall behind your opponents, boost building becomes crucial. This energy can change the race at essential moments. Check your rearview mirror. Each match is heightened by police pursuit.


Visually, the game stands out. It has many licensed cars that can be fully customized. Every detail can be customized to match your personality, from engine sound to car color. Each race’s style is reflected in the game.


This game celebrates the best Need for Speed features. Longtime fans reminisce while newcomers experience the franchise’s thrill. It’s a modern take on arcade racing that incorporates the best elements of the past.

Nintendo exclusive:

Fall brings “Need for Speed: NITRO” to Nintendo platforms only. This title’s Wii-specific gameplay shows EA Montreal’s ability to create top-tier experiences for these platforms.

“Need for Speed: NITRO” is a fast-paced racer with immersive gameplay, strategic depth, and deep customization. Nitro, ready, go!

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