No More Heroes

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No More Heroes
ConsoleNintendo Wii
PublisherMarvelous, Rising Star Games, Ubisoft
DeveloperGrasshopper Manufacture
ReleasedJanuary 22, 2008
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Travis Touchdown, an anime enthusiast who resides in the fictional Californian town of Santa Destroy, is the main character in No More Heroes.

Travis finds himself being approached by the top hunter of an organization of assassins after an unexpected turn of events. Travis is given the task of ascending to the top of the assassins’ league by defeating ten other merciless murderers, each of whom has a complicated backstory.

No More Heroes fulfills the aspiration of every Wii user, allowing them to use the Wii Remote to swing a beam katana and pull off amazing wrestling maneuvers. The work of Suda 51 boasts cutting-edge graphics that will immerse players in a stylized environment with more challenging gameplay. The plot, which takes inspiration from the silver film, is filled with violent humor, dark humor, and ironic dialogue that will make you laugh out loud. No More Heroes is a video game that engages all of your senses and is purely enjoyable.

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