Pandora’s Tower

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Pandora’s Tower
ConsoleNintendo Wii
PublisherNintendo, Xseed Games
GenreAction , Role-Playing
ReleasedApril 13, 2012
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In Pandora’s Tower, you play as a soldier named Aeron, who fights to save his best friend Elena from a mysterious curse that is slowly turning her into a demon.

Aeron is the only one who can save her from her horrible fate. He has to fight his way through the towers of a nearby fortress. Aeron must kill the creatures that live there with his sword and the magic Oraclos Chain and bring their meat back to Elena. Elena can only be treated effectively of the curse and freed from its monster grip if she eats all of the “master flesh” from the biggest monsters in each tower.

You can temporarily stop the transformation by going back to Elena and feeding her meat from the smaller monsters. You will have to carefully decide when it is best to go back to her because if you don’t, Elena could turn into a demonic beast for good if you don’t.

Pandora’s Tower has a lot of replay value because it has many possible endings and a New Game+ mode. If you master the unique relationship system, you can change what happens to Aeron and Elena. You have to decide not only when to go back to Elena to stop the curse, but also what to give her. If you talk to her for a while, you’ll learn more about her situation, which may make it harder to leave her and move on with your quest.

Putting in the time to get to know Elena could even change how the story ends.

As you look around the maze-like towers, you’ll find a lot of different things. Mavda, a mysterious traveling merchant who can improve your weapons, can make special new items by combining two or more items you’ve found on your journey. You can give Elena the things you’ve found in the towers as gifts to strengthen your relationship, or you can use them to help you on your quest to fight the 13 masters. The choice is yours.

In honor of talking to people you care about, Nintendo is putting out a set of 5 e-card images with a special theme today. This unique set of images, which includes Aeron, Elena, Mavda, and some key pieces of art from the game, can make the perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day message. However, users should use caution and it may be a good idea to make sure the recipient already knows something about the game…

The story in Pandora’s Tower is epic, and the choices you make affect how the story ends. On a mission to save your friend, you’ll explore thirteen difficult towers set to a powerful soundtrack of some of the most popular classical music in the world, by composers like Verdi and Tchaikovsky. Every choice you make will affect how well you do in the long run. You have such an option.

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