Princess Lillifee’s Magic Fairy

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Princess Lillifee's Magic Fairy
ConsoleNintendo Wii
ReleasedJanuary 1, 1970
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Who does not know Princess Lillifee? The sweet little princess who lives in a fairy-tale castle with a wonderful garden around it. From morning to night, Lillifee takes care of all the animals and plants that live there. She wants to be a good friend to everyone and helps them with their questions or problems. With this first Lillifee NDS game, girls of 4 step into the magical dream world of Princess Lillifee, of which they themselves always dream! Dance with Lillifee, fly with her through various fairy-tale locations. Create magic-like paintings or play magic mini-games with Lillifee. Princess Lillifee wishes all players as much happiness in life as there are stars in the sky. This Nintendo DS is aimed perfectly at the target audience of Nintendo DS players. The games can be played on both screens, with very simple touch pen navigation and voice recognition, so that the smallest girls who cannot yet read can also play this magical game. Characteristics: Dance along with Lillifee Make Princess Lilliffee beautiful with makeup and beautiful dresses Make magic paintings Awaken beautiful butterflies Play magic mini-games, such as find-the-pearls, find the match.

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