Real Stories: Veterinaire

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Real Stories: Veterinaire
ConsoleNintendo Wii
DeveloperDigital Tainment Pool
GenreLife Simulation
RegionThe Netherlands
ReleasedNovember 19, 2008
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This Wii game in 3D offers a perfect and realistic simulation of the No. 1 job of most children: Veterinarian! The player can handle over 30 different cases of animal patients that correspond to reality in a veterinary practice and have been developed by specialists in the field. A variety of different animal species needs medical attention, and the player must use all the techniques of a good veterinarian such as talking to the owners, analysis and diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and control to heal the little darlings. Realistic diagnosis and treatment instruments are used, and as the experience grows, the player can even earn diplomas and distinctions in addition to the great satisfaction of his patients. The game offers three different levels of difficulty, plus a knowledge quiz with 150 questions. The game is using the Wii’s own controller Wiimote and Nunchuck And allows a realistic immersion in the veterinarian world: the player can actively handle or operate animals, even in multiplayer, where two players can perform a complex treatment together.

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