Rhythm Heaven Fever

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Rhythm Heaven Fever
ConsoleNintendo Wii
PublisherNintendo of America Inc.
DeveloperNintendo SPD
ReleasedFebruary 13, 2012
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“Feel the Beat and get into the Rhythm.”

The most eccentric and endearing rhythm game you and your pals will ever play is Rhythm Heaven Fever. Feeling the pulse of the music takes on a whole new meaning thanks to the irresistibly catchy music and the joyfully absurd situations! Over 50 simple-to-learn, challenging-to-master mini-games let you test your rhythm. In order to demonstrate that you have the groove, Rhythm Heaven Fever teaches you how to find the beat within your soul.


  • A seemingly unlimited range of tremendously catchy music and upbeat situations.
  • Become a samurai and slash demons, play a game of aerial badminton, or stab a rolling pea with a fork in time to the music as you practice your rhythm in over 50 minigames and remixes.
  • Rhythm Heaven Fever allows players to feel the beat in their souls. It is simple to learn, but difficult to master.
  • Selection of 2-player rhythm games.
  • Although this edition’s games are all brand-new, players of the Nintendo DSTM version may know some characters.
  • Players can unlock more content and receive medals for accurate performances as they advance in skill.
  • A large portion of the music was produced by renowned Japanese pop music producer TSUNKU.

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