Spider-Man: Edge of Time

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Spider-Man: Edge of Time
ConsoleNintendo Wii
ReleasedOctober 4, 2011
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Time is of the essence.

Players take on the roles of both Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 in Spider-Man: Edge of Time, where they must collaborate and converse across time to maintain their timeframes and save the most disastrous scenario of them all—the death of Amazing Spider-Man.

After all this time, it’s disappointing that Beenox couldn’t quite maintain the momentum of Shattered Dimensions and give the old webhead the game he truly deserves. Considering the incredible storyline advancements, it’s depressing that the rest isn’t as outstanding. While there are enjoyable moments in Edge of Time, it feels a little too hurried and unfinished to be enjoyed. Considering Beenox’s track record, let’s hope Edge of Time is just a sophomore slump rather than a sign of Spidey’s future; else, we’ll need one of those time gateways.

For the Nintendo Wii, Spore Hero is a story-driven, action-adventure game that offers the same unmatched creative freedom as Spore. As you go on an epic mission to save your creature’s new apartment world from annihilation in Spore Hero, which is set in a lush and colorful 3D universe, you are given the ability to become the hero!

Key Features

  • Fight to Save the World—Spore Hero, a game created from the ground up particularly for the Nintendo Wii, with a fascinating plot that sends you on an adventure to battle a shadowy power that threatens your species’ new world. To save the world, embark on thrilling missions, furious fights, and fantastic action-quests!
  • Create a Hero—beloved Spore’s Spore Creature Creator makes its Wii debut, bringing with it a sizable library of more than 250 pieces to let you design your individual hero! Five or one eye? A horn or wings? There are countless options!
  • Battle Your Friends – In a multiplayer mode, you can engage in intense conflicts with a friend to put your combat prowess to the test! Create a customized creature or select a creature that has already been developed or created before to challenge friends with.
  • Evolve— In Spore Hero, evolution is pushed to a new level as you acquire and discover additional components for your hero, like new limbs and accessories. You’ll be able to charge your adversaries with recently obtained horns or fly to new levels with recently gained wings because new components directly affect your creature’s abilities. Even better, you can lend parts to other creatures, assisting their evolution.

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