Spy Games: Elevator Mission

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Spy Games: Elevator Mission
ConsoleNintendo Wii
ReleasedNovember 2, 2007
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Enhanced 3D graphics – From sprites to polygons, this title has been faithfully recreated for the next-gen systems. Environments, levels, weapons and enemies will be familiar to fans of the series, while creating a new experience for those unfamiliar with the series. Level Design – Play through one enormous level, spread out through 40+ sections, minimizing load times and keeping the action continuous. Replay Value – Missions will never get stale as the key figures holding important documents, etc. are randomly assigned, giving the game almost infinite replay value. YOU’RE A SECRET AGENT TASKED WITH RECOVERING VITAL DOCUMENTS FROM THE ENEMY SYNDICATE. USE STRATEGY, STEALTH AND CUNNING TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR MISSION! GET IN! GET OUT! The classic gameplay of Elevator Mission is back with a new twist! Utilizing the unique control functions of the Nintendo Wii™, along with 3D graphics, this beloved title has been reborn for the next-generation consoles!

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