Wii Play: Motion

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Wii Play: Motion
ConsoleNintendo Wii
ReleasedJune 13, 2011
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Twist, turn, and move like never before with exciting motion-controlled activities included with the Wii RemoteTM Plus controller! Hold the controller like a mallet and tilt it around your body to ride gusts that blow you up, down, and over the finish line of a windy racing course, or grip it like an umbrella and tilt it around your body to deter annoying vermin from stealing vegetables from your garden. Players can even use the controller to help find and capture unseen spooks! Up to four players can get caught up in the enormous excitement of the Wii Play: Motion game, which has different difficulty modes and game variations to unlock. Wii Play: Motion is a beautiful offer with 12 games, and an included Wii Remote Plus controller for those seeking to pick up another one.


Wii Play: Motion includes twelve fresh and exciting motion control experiences for everyone.

Immerse yourself in 12 thrilling games that provide challenging gameplay variations. Up to 4 players* can play games with unlockable modes using the Wii Remote Plus controller.
All of the games are available in both single-player and multiplayer versions.

No matter how many people are experimenting with the controllers, everyone in the room may enjoy Wii Play: Motion! Games provide great single-player experiences as well as even more exciting multiplayer encounters. Master the simple controls and enjoy yourself with others!
Wii Play: Motion blends fun and value in a robust package exclusive to the Wii.

Wii Play Motion has one Wii Remote Plus controller, making it a must-have title for any Wii user. Wii Play: Motion combines twelve full-featured games and a Wii Remote Plus controller at an excellent bargain for those wishing to add an extra Wii controller to their collection. Specific multiplayer modes necessitate the purchase of additional Wii Remote Plus controllers, which are offered separately.

Compatible with the Wii MotionPlus attachment as well.

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