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ConsoleNintendo Wii
PublisherD3 Publisher
DeveloperPapaya Studios
ReleasedJanuary 27, 2009
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In this video game adaptation of the film, players assume the role of Coraline, a young girl who is dissatisfied with her life as it is currently being lived. Coraline finds herself pulled through a tiny door in her new home, which leads to an eerie world that appears to be beautiful. Coraline quickly concludes that this “Other World” is not what it seems, and she is forced to search for a means to return to the actual world.

Players advance through the narrative by solving puzzles and conversing with characters based on the film. You can purchase content along the way to personalize Coraline’s appearance any way you see fit. Coraline has to be led by the hand through the events of the novel so that she can complete her task of escaping the other world. She has access to a free-roaming world where she can travel to any location from the film and pick up helpful hints and items along the route.

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