Pokémon Battle Revolution

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Pokémon Battle Revolution
ConsoleNintendo Wii
RegionUSA, JPN
ReleasedDecember 14, 2006
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Pokétopia is the name of the island where the game takes place. You can fight in 10 different Colosseums. The goal is to win all of the battles in the Colosseum to become the Pokétopia Master.

  • Players fight with Pokémon from their Pokémon® Diamond and Pokémon® Pearl games, which are sold separately. With Pokémon Battle Revolution, players can connect their Wii to their Nintendo DS for the first time. The Nintendo DS can be linked to the Wii (compatible wireless router or Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector and broadband access required for online play).
  • DS Battle Mode: Four players can get together and battle using Pokémon from their Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl games. Each player needs a DS system, which is sold separately. In this mode, everyone uses the DS as their controller, and the battle screen is the same as in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl.
  • In the game, players can change how their Trainers look.

Colosseum Battle Mode: In all of Pokétopia, there are 10 Colosseums, which are also called Battle Fields. Many of them will have to be unlocked by playing the other games.

Nintendo DS Battle Mode: This mode is for people who own both a Nintendo DS and either Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl. Four people can get together and battle using their own Pokémon from Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl. In this mode, the DS is used as a controller by each player. When you battle with friends, you use the same battle screen as in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl.

Battle Passes and Trainer Customization: Players can make and customize their own Battle Pass by putting their favorite Pokémon on it. Then, they can save the Battle Pass to their Wii RemoteTM and take it to a friend’s house to fight with them.

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