Trauma Center: New Blood

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Trauma Center: New Blood
ConsoleNintendo Wii
GenreLife Simulation, Visual Novel
ReleasedNovember 20, 2007
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“Dr. Markus Vaughn, a physician who has abandoned the intrigues and power conflicts of his former ward, quietly toils at a remote hospital in Alaska. He is content to make a difference in the lives of those in need by using the power he has discovered inside himself, the Healing Touch. Valerie Blaylock, a brilliant young doctor anxious to discover her own latent skills, is his partner.”

When the facility abruptly shutters, they are compelled to go back to Concordia Medical Institute, where politics take precedence over patients’ lives and doctors choose their reputation over patient care. There, they are accepted into the Caduceus government organization, where they discover a plot with terrible repercussions and experience a life-altering transformation!

Key characteristics:

  • Cooperative Play for Two Players! Work with a friend to race against time and save lives for the first time in the series… Teamwork and communication are essential for success – every second counts!
  • New characters, plot, and gameplay! As you deal with fresh situations, rely on a brand-new medical team for assistance and counsel.
  • Dialogue with full voice! Characters will communicate to you during operations and story cutscenes, bringing them to life like never before.
  • Full 16×9 Widescreen and 480p Support!
  • System for ranking scores online!

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